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Have you ever thought about tuning your own suspension? If you can do an engine rebuild / split engine cases you can probably revalve your forks and shock with a little help from us.  High performance suspension tuning requires access to reliable data and many specialized parts, springs, fluids etc. Moto Pro suspension can help you tune your suspension using our proprietary data and specialized high performance fluids & components. 


The UTUNE-IT program works like this, you call John and we discuss your bike make and model your weight and a few other parameters.  Now you disassemble your suspension and Moto Pro provides new shim stack data, spring rate recommendations, mid valve kits and much more. You provide the labor and Moto Pro provides the tuning data and components. 


If tuning your own suspension sounds like a job you can handle give John a call so we can discuss the program and all the details.  The cost for the UTUNE-IT program is $99 for the forks and $99 for the rear shock. 


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