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The fork and shock rebuild service offered by Moto Pro Suspension is significantly more comprehensive than just the “oil change” offered by most shops. We disassemble your suspension and solvent tank clean the internals. Your components are carefully examined for excess wear or damage, if we find anything that concerns us we will call you and discuss our findings. Shim stacks, cartridge rods, rebound assemblies, compression assemblies, internal cartridge pressure seals, accumulator pistons and numerous other components are examined.

Most forks and shocks only require a minimal number of parts when serviced at reasonable intervals.  Forks receive new oil seals, “o”-rings and Moto Pro’s ZRT suspension fluid. Shocks receive a rebuild kit that includes the shaft oil seal, dust seal & shaft bushing.  Multi-chamber forks and all rear shocks receive a slow refill and bleeding process to remove trapped air, ensuring maximum performance. Our ZRT suspension fluid and Nitrogen recharge are included at no extra charge.  Restore that “new bike” feeling and protect your expensive suspension at the same time by servicing your suspension at least once per season. 


Even the best suspension fluids are degraded by heat and the buildup of contaminates. Maximum protection against internal wear and scuffing is provided by high quality suspension fluid and a reasonable service interval. The greatest danger to your suspension is a combination of high mileage and poor maintenance.  Our 20 plus years of experience suggests Off-Road riders should service every 900-1100 miles and track riders should consider 60 hours the limit.  If you have any questions please call John at 800-277-5089.

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