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Has this ever happened to you? You're riding on a favorite trail and your front tire slips on a root. You try to put your foot down for a quick dab, your toe slips and you tip over. Frustrating yes, also largely avoidable. Modern dirt bikes with long travel suspension present significant challenges for riders with inseams shorter than 28”.  There are a few “band aid fixes” if your willing to compromise comfort and performance such as cutting the seat foam or installing some sort of lowering link. Unfortunately, the underlying problem has not been addressed. The suspension system is to tall. Moto Pro suspension has an engineered solution that will leave your seat foam intact and avoid the negative effects of all lowering links.  Moto Pro Suspension has a proven package of modifications that will allow us to reduce the seat height of your bike without negatively impacting the comfort or performance. In fact, riders that need a reduction in seat height are more likely to ride below there skill level because they are more tentative in technical, slow terrain that require being able to touch the ground. In addition slow speed tip overs cause injuries and bike damage that are mostly avoidable if we lower the bike to fit the rider.


The Moto Pro Solution. Depending on the height of the rider the amount of lowering will vary. Most riders under 5’9” with an inseam shorter than 28” will benefit significantly from proper suspension lowering.  Fitting your suspension to the maximum height you can handle requires some careful measurements and calculations. First, our phone conversation or in shop visit will determine how much lowering is necessary for your bike to fit you properly. If you live to far from our shop to visit us no worries, we will explain the proper technique for measuring the amount of lowering required and we will double check your measurements with you over the phone. Once we have your measurements you would ship your suspension to Moto Pro. Most custom lowering packages are complete in 2-3 weeks.

Starting with your forks. Installed spring length is critical to maximum fork performance. We calculate the proper spring length and spring rate and special order these springs from our supplier. Next the internal modifications and machined lowering components are installed that create the proper ride height. We design and produce the lowering spacers in our shop for your specific application. Now we have to address ride quality. Everything you run over creates a suspension movement.  That movement generates a variable amount of damping resistance. Balancing the damping resistance in both the compression and rebound circuits is imperative and provides you with a plush ride on square edge bumps, rocks & roots yet delivers surprising bottoming resistance when teamed with your revised rate springs and internal upgrades.

Suspension quality and overall motorcycle performance of a properly lowered motorcycle mirrors that of a full height motorcycle if both were set up for the same weight rider. When you consider the substantial increase in rider confidence and control a lowered suspension delivers it’s a “no brainer” decision if your struggling to ride a motorcycle that’s too tall. In some cases “less is more”. If your bike is too tall for you, you  need less suspension travel and more confidence and control.  Moto Pro Suspension has over 25 years of experience building championship proven high performance suspension systems. Call John at 800-277-5089 so you can get the “low down” on lowering.


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