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When Moto Pro revalves your suspension we custom tune your forks and shock using over 25 years of suspension tuning experience. Our extensive data base contains thousands of proven combinations for every level of Off-Road, Enduro or Hare Scrambles competition. Beginner to AA we have you covered. Since 1991 Moto Pro Suspension has been winning races at local Off-road, National Enduro and International six days events. Trail rider or racer, properly tuned suspension is a critical element in reaching your true potential.


Crafting your custom suspension package begins with identifying your specific needs based on weight, skill level, riding style, bike year, make and model. Using our proprietary equations and tuning data we design shim stacks that maximize traction and the overall feeling of control. Properly tuned suspension handles square edge bumps such as roots and rocks with comfort and virtually no deflection. Our Competition Tuned Suspensions deliver increased side bite, turn-in and braking control. Experience the best suspension you have ever ridden and expand your “control envelope” to the next level.


Many of our custom internal components are included in your revalve that significantly improve rider comfort and control such as high flow mid valve kits, revised rate high speed compression adjuster springs and reduced  tension check plate springs. If your forks and / or rear shock require our internal flow enhancement modifications they are included at no extra cost. 25 years of R&D and thousands of miles of real world testing in the rugged Cascade Mountains of Washington State are your assurance your dealing with an established high performance suspension center.


Proper fork and shock spring rates are the foundation of any high performance suspension system. Moto Pro’s proprietary spring rate generator utilizes 5 critical parameters when calculating the proper spring rates for your custom suspension application. Moto Pro springs are made in America from premium quality wire manufactured in the USA.  All Moto Pro springs are individually tested to ensure exact rates and maximum performance. Your personalized suspension will provide a plush ride with a firm racy feel that increases confidence, traction and the overall feeling of control. Suspension upgrades are the most significant improvement you can make to your bike. Let’s talk about your bike and how you ride it. Call John today so we can start a suspension package tailored just for you.


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