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KLX 250S Suspension System Upgrades


In 2006 Kawasaki introduced what would turn out to be one of the most popular dual sport bikes of all time, the KLX 250S. The little KLX is a fun and reliable small bore dual sport. Based on the KLX 300R dirt bike the 250S has good trail manners and performs well for most riders. Kawasaki fitted the 250S with the same 43mm KYB fork and 44mm KYB shock as the KLX 300R. While these suspension components are well built and very reliable, overall dirt performance, traction and the feeling of control are lacking for aggressive or heavy riders. Luckily Moto Pro has owned several KLX 250S test bikes and identified the areas of weak performance. After careful testing and some trial and error we have engineered effective solutions to the KLX 250S suspension short comings. Now, KLX 250S dual sport riders can have dirt bike quality suspension performance that will significantly increase side bite, traction and the overall feeling of control.


Fork Modifications


The changes we make to your KLX forks include several modifications that alter how the fork pumps oil as a result of encountering a bump and the similar rebound stroke that follows. Our updated high flow valve body increases fluid flow on square edge bumps resulting in a significantly smoother ride while virtually eliminating deflection.  Working in harmony with the new valve body is our proprietary 2 stage valving design. Our valving formulas use your weight in street clothes, fork spring rate, riding style and several other factors to create the perfect low and high speed valving set up for how you ride. One area of weak performance with the stock forks are the very soft (.37-.38 KG/MM) fork springs. Most riders will require firmer springs to establish the proper ride height and active travel. Firmer springs do not necessarily mean a firmer ride. The personalized valving set up dictates your ride quality, firmer for desert/street riders and plusher more forgiving for single track, off-road riders. Properly set up forks include the proper spring rate, valving shim design, oil viscosity, oil volume and fork spring preload.  Properly set up and installed on the bike the KLX forks are very capable of delivering true off road quality suspension action for beginners and fast “A” level racers as well.


Shock Modifications


KLX 250S riders wanting more off-road performance from there suspension look no further than Moto Pro Suspension. Extensive testing in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State where every trail is littered with roots and rocks have resulted in significant performance gains for the KLX 250S that just about any budget can afford.  The KYB shock on the KLX is a good design and offers significant performance gains when properly tuned. Modifications that complement our KLX fork package result in tremendous gains in traction and control with an impressive increase in bottoming resistance. Transform your KLX from average to outstanding with proven suspension modifications from one of the oldest and most respected suspension shops in the country.

Modifications to your shock include installing customer specific two stage valving and increasing fluid flow with several modifications based on your weight and riding style. In addition to internal hydraulic modifications many riders will also need a replacement shock spring. Spring rate is primarily dependent on rider weight in street clothes and riding type.  Proper spring rate is the fundamental element of any high performing suspension.  For most riders, increasing traction and the overall feeling of control is at the top of the list when setting up an effective dual sport suspension. Dual sports are subjected to many different road and trail conditions that are not a concern with most “dirt bike” suspensions. Having the ability to adjust your clickers for a firmer street ride or setting up really soft for a plush and comfortable trail ride are the end result of our competition tuned suspension modifications.  Experience dirt bike quality suspension every time you ride your KLX 250S. Call John today, and I will answer all your questions about how high performance suspension will raise your riding enjoyment to a new level.  

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